Still no legacy hardware on DenonDJ website

Could we get a explanation why a company like Denon thinks it’s ok for it’s customers to have to beg through email and forum to get software for their legacy products? For how many weeks now?

Are you planning on restoring legacy hardware support to your webpage or are you gently washing your hands of anything that’s not inMusic?


It’s a little unusual to take one website down before the new website is ready.

But, in the bigger picture, I’d rather Denon DJ focus on new hardware, software and firmware, as a priority, benefiting many. An odd legacy driver, some ten year old firmware, or a copy of music manager circa year 2010 is nice to get sooner, rather than later, but… in the bigger picture, both old and new will have different priorities to different people.

I’m sure the new website, complete with a dusty archive section, will be up online sometime - and probably sooner, rather than later.

Which software/drivers are you missing. I still have a bunch of old denon software/drivers (x1700 etcetera).

I will bet my sweet behind that somebody didn’t check if all files for legacy hardware is backed up before they killed the old webpage.

Thanks hellnegative, don’t need for the 1700. I’ll wait till I get a response from support. After all, they are paid for this so don’t do their job for free :wink:

Hey mods…


The website does have a new front end, but all the legacy stuff is still available in the back. You can click on Sign In > Products > Legacy Products or just click here.

Hi! Do you have the Serato XML mapping file from DJ Rome and TSI Sound or the Official Denon s3700, sc3900 serato scratch live? Thanks