Still no bulk sort/delete of red files! come on!

I noticed all the old threads about this BUG are GONE!! WTH!!! Such a simple request. SORTING OF COLUMNS. Make a red check mark, X, ANYTHING. And let us sort it!!!


What OS are you using? I’m using a mac and i’ve been thinking about cooking up a few command line tools to help with stuff like detecting files that are unreachable (that’s what red means) and files that are duplicate names in the entire collection.

We’re not in the habit of deleting any threads or posts unless they violate our community guidelines (which basically say “be nice to other people”). The official feature request thread is still kicking around:

Please add your thoughts and vote to this.


Yes I totally agree we should have the ability to delete red files from engine

We should be able to delete red files from our equipment

You can delete them, nothing is stopping you from doing that.

I have tried everything to do so…How do you do that please?

You locate them on the desktop software then delete from there and sync back to the drive, ensuring you allow the software to run clean up.

I feel stupid. I always assumed that these request to delete them from playlists were from the desktop Engine DJ app, not from EngineOS.

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I think the OP’s request was tbh, looking at what they were specifically asking for. The 2nd one maybe direct from the players?

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Fair point. I guess the term “engine” by @munair_Smith may be short for “Engine OS”? Like a “USB” today for folks is short for “USB Thumb Drive” or “USB Storage”?

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Yeah i can see that now… i guess the only issue there would be adding the ability to remove tracks from the device can have its dangers (deleting ones you want to keep halfway through a gig etc).

Agreed. I think folks need to understand the reason there are files in red on both device and engine DJ.

For Both: Files are inaccessible – the OS attempted to use the path column (found in the Track table within m.db) to locate the file in on the storage medium.

Engine DJ (Windows & MacOS): Files were added to a playlist or collection that are no longer accessible.

  • Assuming the device with that file is disconnected: Mount / plug in the storage device
  • Assuming the file was moved / renamed: Attempt to “Relocate” the file with the context menu (Right click on the file in the playlist)

Engine OS (Players): Files are missing. Possible causes: Sync didn’t complete properly. Records were added to the device’s database from the Engine DJ collection where Engine DJ can’t find those songs. Another possible cause is files were deleted off of the device manually via windows or mac or even potentially corrupt media.

  • Ensure all of your files are accessible from the Desktop Application (no red files).
  • Sync again, see if there are any errors. This one is tough because there are quite a few exceptions that are not bubbled up to the user.

What am I missing, gang?

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It’s not letting me do that…I’ll have a go again when I get home

What is “it”? Engine DJ or Engine OS?

And what about these stems? I upgraded from the prime 4 to the 4+ specifically to get the use of stems…How and when are we going to be able to use those?

Engine DJ…The software that the prime 4+ uses…As I said I can’t seem to do anything with these red files

I can see now how it’s easy for me (anyone?) to get confused. I didn’t realize it’s all “Engine DJ”. I always thought Engine DJ was Desktop and Engine OS was the embedded Operating System running on players. :person_facepalming:t2:

In this case @munair_Smith , yes, i believe you can’t remove those records from Engine DJ OS.

Moin @munair_Smith and all concerned,

a little bit out of topic, but I revert to this:

  • Is it possible to update the hardware Prime 4 into Prime 4+?

I always thought that P4 and P4+ are completely different gears.

Any comment is highly appreciated and many thanks in advance in this matter.

Enjoy the day and brgds BeatMaster

I think they meant they sold the Prime 4 and upgraded to the Prime 4+

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Moin @STU-C,

thanks for your comment and it will make sense.

I was confused as “software” was discussed in the post :innocent:

Brgds BeatMaster

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