Still having problems with this controller / Standalone unit DJ Prime 4 Series

I am still very hesitant to even play on this controller out at a show! I am having issues with the left jog wheel or both jog wheel sometimes not recognizing my fingers touching the platter on vinyl mode while I’m trying to scratch, I try everything I make sure that all the needle lock padlock and whatever jog wheel lock is all off and still have the problem! I reload the track and it works sometimes okay other times I have to turn the unit on and off two or three times just to get it to work without having any hiccups while loading my tracks! I have reinstalled the firmware for the third time I thought it did the trick at first when I reinstalled it but a few days later it was doing the same problem again. I am not convinced that this thing is ready for use to be played outside of your bedroom! I really hope you guys come out with a firmware update soon, that addresses the crazy backspin that this thing has which makes it impossible to beat juggle on or nearly impossible to scratch on there needs to be some type of tensioner adjustment or scratch mode light heavy sensitive or whatever the hell you guys can do but that needs to be addressed, it was on the CDJ or other media player you guys have out (sc5000) I do not understand why you did not integrate that into this player but I feel like there’s got to be a digital work around, I have had to take electrical tape with a business card underneath of it and slide it in between the jog wheel and tape it down just to put tension on the jog wheel so that it doesn’t spin like it’s a goddamn skateboard wheel! So wasn’t very happy with that, but other than that this thing has been okay! I hope you guys get it together soon or I might have to sell this thing and go somewhere else please make a new update! I feel like my damn Windows updates every day every time I turn my laptop on and it’s been like 2 months since you guys have made an update for this thing, so patiently waiting please respond. Also if you’re able to create a playlist in this thing you should be able to delete a playlist in this thing without having to connect it up to the computer every time if you can move songs to one folder why can you not delete them or delete that folder it is very annoying that you cannot delete anything on this thing, there needs to be a trash or delete option for songs that you don’t want on your controller or duplicates or something like that!

One question: Did you take the foil of the platter??

Other suggestions:

  • Make sure Prime4 has good earth grounding.
  • Prime4 has nudge sensitivity settings.
  • Prime4 has a platter touch sensitivity calibration.
  • (Try to make blocks of text and interpunction to make it a bit more readable, thanks!)

I’ll second Reese’s comment about writing readable posts with paragraphs and such for other members benefit.

That said, I am a bit curious. You just bought an 1800 bucks controller without ever touching it?

I received the Prime 4 not too long ago, but I have had at least 4-5 occassions of prolongued time playing around with them at trade shows and at dealers.

If you are as proficient at scratching as your post suggests you are, the whole jogwheel thing should have been clear in the first 5 minutes of trying it out, no?

If you have removed the clear foil, then you can adjust the touch sensitivity.

I couldn’t read through your whole post because as others have said, the sentence structure is almost unreadable. Not a hit on you, as this may not be your native language or other reasons.

We’re here to help if possible, but it almost sounds like it’s a hardware issue from the description.

Is it within the time period that you can return it to the vendor for another unit?

Sorry it’s called voice text guys I went back and fixed some punctuation errors. I don’t understand what clear foil you are talking about I have removed all the stickers and clear protector scratch covers on the controller! But the Dj Prime 4 does not have a tension adjustment knob like the sc5000 does.

There is no tension adjust knob, obviously. Not all features from the BigPrimes are on the cheaper unit…

If the platter does not respond well, then you have a grounding issue. Check the power cable socket.

If that fails to solve the problem, try at a friend or return to the reseller.

Yes, we are referring to the Clear protector on the Jog Wheels.

No tension adjustment, but others have stated they have used cards or similar under the platter to create tension.

I know this is not ideal for you and may be a deal breaker.