Sticker warning for chemicals including Phthalates box Denon SC5000

Hi people,

I received my Denon SC5000 yesterday (finally), after waiting for like 2,5 months. On the box it says Revision D. What caught my eye though is the sticker they put on the box. It says: ‘Warning, this product can expose you to chemicals including Phthalates, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to’ I have never seen this sticker before in all the unboxing videos of the Denon SC5000 I watched on Youtube. Should I be concerned or do more manufacturers of DJ equipment put these materials in their products? Thanks! Greetings, Derrick

Hi Derrick,

I wouldn’t worry about it. Almost anything being sold in California lately has these stickers. I think this state requires anyone selling products here that have trace amounts of cancer causing chemicals to be labeled. And because Cali is such a huge market sellers just slap these stickers to products sold everywhere else. They’re everywhere now: gas stations, restaurants, supermarkets…

BTW, enjoy your new gear!


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California is really really weirdly strict on chemicals due to the green movement there. FWIW, California is also one of the birth places (no pun intended) of freaky stuff like eugenics and the population control movement. I was born there, but I don’t worry too much about every little chemical warning they put on everything. You’re probably ok as long as you don’t have babies and toddlers chewing on the box or anything that was inside it. Adults are not particularly susceptible to most trace chemical exposure like that, rather it’s usually a developmental thing. While plasticizers can outgas, as long as you don’t have like a dozen of these things in a baby’s nursery, that’s probably not too much of a risk, either. I don’t smell any strong ammonia scent from this gear, so I don’t suspect strong outgassing from poor plastic manufacturing.

So Phthalates are used to increase the flexibility in plastics. This chemical is used in a ton of plastics that you probably encounter every day. It’s nothing “special” to the denon units or anything like that. I wouldn’t reccomend chewing on the plastic on your denons, or really any plastic, haha, but other than that, it’s a warning label that you will probably start seeing on almost anything made with plastic. The health effects aren’t known much yet, but as long as the plastic isn’t ingested or shredded to a point where you breathe the particles, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.