Stems in Engine DJ

I would really like to see Stems in the Engine DJ software so I don’t have to spend extra on Software every month, I wonder whether the Denon folk are working on something. Really want to get away from using any additional devices and software.

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Which software requires you to pay every month?

If you want/need stems, you could just buy some software…

So far real time stems separation is sounding like garbage on all dj programs. I would rather get original stem tracks than do it that way. I heard how the music sounds when stems algorithms are used - I would never play to my audience that sound degradation.


Hello, could you explain what Stems is, how you use it, what utilities and advantages it has? What could it contribute to those of us who don’t know what it is or what it can be used for? thanks, I guess there are many people like me who don’t know its advantages, since we come from other formats or programs that don’t use it… greetings

It separates the track in to different sections so these can be used for more creative mixing.


I wouldn’t say it’s garbage … yes in studio conditions you notice but in a pub or club when you’re using the stems to mix nobody really notices the artifacts at all.

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let’s say it breaks down the song, so you can use for example just the melody, the base or an acapella? Have I understood correctly? It seems interesting, especially to get acapellas, thanks

It is noticeable. I did a test with algorithm and vdj. It was like You would add a phase shift sometimes or water like effect to the track. I wasn’t talking about studio experience, but rather club conditions.

Yeah I could point was needing a laptop to do it currently and preferring it in Engine DJ some day. Currently trialing Neural and agreed it’s not always a great result but sometimes you do get some good separation results especially acapella.

I love acapella and instrumentals. Miss those days of getting 12” single and having these edits!

I doubt it will ever sound perfect, as it’s doing some serious stuff to the original signal. It’s amazing it sounds as good as it does already really, considering.

Once you’ve broken your eggs and mixed them with the other ingredients to make a cake, you can’t extract the yolk and the white separately and put them back in the shell. :grinning:

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It is all the parts of a track as the original mixing engineer would have had them. The beauty us you can in theory re drum a track. Or cut the vocals about or use just the acapella vocals. It opens up a big world that is easy to get mesmorized by.


Will be awesome to have that type of tool, but I think that should work as for hobby and not in a professional way.

Other than the quality it will never match the original sound and if you don’t want issues with the copyright like other artists having problems for use of samples.

Its not so much a tool. You can actually buy the stems. You basicly get a file with all the components in say kick drum, snare, percussion, guitar, and vocals that you could either use parts from or reconstruct in like ableton. There is stuff available to "extract " but its just phase shifting and not as good as getting the proper original stem.

Currently djay PRO requires it to use their Neural Mix feature.