Stems gone?

With the engine dj 3.3 did they take Stems beta away from everyone?

It’s still there in the forum.

It’s V3.2.1 which is the stems update and isn’t the same version as the one released yesterday.

As you’re only testing the stems feature in a non-live situation at home with the beta, the rest doesn’t matter too much. Maybe they’ll add it as part of an update soon but for now it’s still a version behind.


It’s a pick and choose thing ……

None of the public releases of firmware will have the stems beta functionality

None of the stems beta firmware will have the features found in 3.3 firmware

Load whichever one you want - but the warning still stands that beta firmware shouldn’t be used at public / important functions


I have a Prime 4 since 2 years and I buy in october a Prime4+ to use stems with 3.2.1 Yesterday i put 3.3.0 in P4+ and no stems…thanks…

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Hi, have a read of the posts above, 3.3.0 is a live build, 3.2.1 is the Stems Beta, they are independent of each other.


Hello. I bought a Prime4+ controler to benefit from the Stems. I also have a Prime 4 control for livestreams. When will the Stems update be available for Prime4+? I did the 3.3.0 update and lost the beta version 3.2.1 which had the Stems. Nothing was specified in the hints that stems disappeared in 3.3.0. Thanks

Hi, see my comment above, 3.3.0 is live firmware so no stems included.


Once stems functionality finishes beta testing, most likely 2024 then its functionality will be added to one of the 2024 main firmware updates