Static. What the heck is it?


I am having issues with static occurring after 5-10 minutes into use with Serato DJ pro. I’ve seen several posts on different sites about this but never were clearly answered. it usually goes away with a power down, but the come back.

Any suggestions?

System specs?

Does it happen with another controller?

It’s a MC7000 with Serat DJ pro. I have not tried it with another controller.

Could be your laptopcharger. I had sinilar problem with a traktor setup. Had to do with an after market laptopcharger. Didnt have whitenoise with the original charger. Maybe try an ungrounded outlet.

It’s a MacBook Pro with original charger. I did used to have the controller connected to my PC and had the similar issue. In this case , it was not as bad as when I migrated it to my laptop.

What model is your macbook pro?

What OS is running on the MBP?

What version of SDJ Pro?

Firmware of the MC7000?

Have you tried a different USB cable?

Are you connecting directly to the MBP via USB or using a hub?

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Will for sure need more details as @mufasa requested, in order to be able help you. There was an issue with newer Mac OS’ which we resolved in firmware.

I would start by playing around with your sample rate in settings. (Hope this is applicable on Serato as I am a Traktor user)

Hey all,

Thanks for all the suggestions.

Did some preliminary troubleshooting and was able to find out this only happens when I’m recording.

Latency. Your PC is not optimised for audio and the additional strain of recording is causing interuptions in live audio proccessing (pops and crackles). Google how to optimise your OS.

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Yeah the bit about it starting off ok, then going bad later and then fixing itself for a few minutes after a reboot makes it definitely sound like latency. Just the computer not quite able to process data, continuously, at the speed (low latency) that it’s being asked to.

For a test, try upping your latency setting (5ms? 8ms? 10ms?) up to about 100ms. That’s unusable for fast DJing but if the laptop plays for hours without going all staticky, then it shows it’s most likely your latency setting