Stands and desks

I’m in the market for a stand for my new setup. I’m looking for something that I can buy, that’s designed with DJs in mind. That is sturdy, looks nice and doesn’t break the bank.

I’m not interested in DIY IKEA stands, as I’m not confident using power tools.

My current set up -

Sc6000, Lc6000, DDJ RX

Im using the RX as a stand alone mixer, which is why I intend to put the Sc and Lc behind on some sort of floating stands. However many that are designed specifically for CDJs / media players cost a bomb.

I’ve been checking out the “show your home booth” section for inspiration. I just need pointing in the right direction.

What do you guys use?

Any recommendations very much appreciated!

Just one thing on the ikea stuff, you don’t need power tools to get it knocked up. You can assemble the 2x8 pod bookcase then lay it on its side. For more height there is the feet from a bathroom cabinet (can’t remember the exact name) that can be screwed to the bottom.

I personally bought the ‘Lack’ TV unit and attached the top of it to the side of the book case to get some more depth.

This is the end result.


Does look good. How comfortable are ikea hacks to use though in reality?

What are your thoughts on this one @STU-C its a little large length ways. But it looks like better room for feet under. I dance around when mixing, so is something to consider :sunglasses:

They are sound to use, I’m tall and don’t mind the height of them. You can use those bathroom feet to put it up a bit if you need.

On that unit, I’d rather have the bookcase as it’s more support for the heavy decks.

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Good shout, I can’t find the items you mentioned. IKEA is a bit of a mine field to navigate tbh !

Google ‘ikea DJ stand’ and there are loads of sites dedicated to it. Kallax is discontinued but they have a new name.

Edit: sorry Kallax is current, this is it, turned on its side

Will do mate. They say they have a dedicated one that came out in 2022. But I can’t find it on the site at all.

Tbh seeing as IKEA charges £50 delivery, I might as well just buy something like the glorious modular mix station or similar?

It was limited edition that one, Swedish House Mafia did a collab. You can modify the 4x4 one to look like it. My GF’s brother in law has done it, I’ll post a pic.

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P.S. I see what you mean about charges for postage. A dedicated stand might work out better value. You can fit the ikea stuff in a half decent sized car by putting the passenger seat forward and slotting it the full length

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Cheers, I’ve not owned a proper set up for years. I’ve just been putting my controllers on my computer desk. When I was younger I had my 1210s on a desk made specifically for djs. It looked like a much more solid version of the current stuff by Glorious etc. It had storage shelves. I just can’t find anything like that now. All current stuff seems to lack any type of support or shelving. Why is that?

Funny thing is my friend is a carpenter. But I can’t get get hold of him. Guess he knows what I’m going to ask him :joy:

Yeah I’d need a van for sure to do it. Really like how yours and your GF’s brother in laws set ups looks though. Why do IKEA charge so much for delivery? Very strange company. It’s almost like they don’t want people to buy :joy:

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Honestly, cos nobody has records anymore haha… don’t need support for a midi controller:)

When I get home I’ll have a scour about and see if I can find any stands for you. I understand what you mean about power tools though, the worst thing to do is use them if you’re not confident as it can be dangerous.

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Cheers man, appreciate it. Yeah seems that the industry forgot that DJs still need somewhere to put their gear. Definitely a gap in the market.

I might just go with the glorious mix station 2, it’s cheep, looks nice. The DDJ Rx can sit on it and I can then buy some sort of stands to mount the Sc and Lc to sit behind or above the RX?

I also like the look of the Gig bar. However it has a back section that would make mounting stands extremely difficult or impossible. My biggest headache is the fact I have to use the DDj RX as a mixer for now, as it takes up a lot of space. So I need to work around that. I will be getting a 4 channel mixer in the future.

I use this one:

Which can be seen in action here:

For home/streaming purpose, it does the job quite well for me :blush:


Thanks @KrisONeil, yeah it’s certainly right up there on my list of options. How stable is it? Is it possible to mount or attach laptop/ stands fit Denon sc6000? Also how much space for cables behind the mixer? I see one product review from a guy saying there is not much room for XLR cables at the back?

Cheers in advance!

Did it come fully assembled or flatpak?

@TranceVoyageSessions is not looking to get anything not pre-assembled?

@TranceVoyageSessions you could check online for Smalljobs guys that you can pay to assemble your ikea furniture for you.

This is my diy

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For 2 SC6000’s and an x1850 stability is fine. 2x1210’s might be a bit more than it can handle. And yeah, space for cables in the back could be a bit more for longer mixers - it works for my x1850, but I wouldn’t mind a few extra cm of depth :blush:

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Flat packed, but only a standard screwdriver (or hexkey or so) is needed - it’s super easy to assemble - and I’m by no means handy… like… at all!


I also have a 4 x 4 predecessor to the Kallax called the Expedit