Stagelinq Port and Wifi Interference

First off, I use the Stagelinq port for SoundSwitch and I use Tidal for song requests. The Stagelinq is connected to a small travel router that broadcast a wifi ssid that my Macbook Pro (running SS) is connected too. I then connect the Prime 4 wifi to my cell phones 4G hotspot. While the Prime 4 is able to connect to the hotspot, I cannot access anything on Tidal UNLESS I physically unplug the Stagelinq ethernet cable. Doing this puts my lights into a stagnant state (not off, just set to last DMX value). Only if the cable is unplugged will I get any access to Tidal. Upon reconnecting the cable, I lose Tidal and lighting resumes within 5 seconds.

I guess my question is if this is a known issue with Denon? Is it even correctable through software updates?

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First off, I know nothing about how Stagelinq/SoundSwitch work and how one would connect it to the Prime, but I’m taking and educated guess that it’s common Ethernet. If so, have you tried connecting the whole thing to a switch, to see if you get both the Stagelinq and the connection to Tidal via Ethernet at the same time? That would indeed simplify your setup and avoid the need for the cell phone hotspot altogether.

I discovered this, this weekend. First time testing Soundswitch live. Ethernet cable plugged directly into my MacBook Pro I was eventually after many tries, able to connect the P4 to my phones hotspot. Unfortunately I was not able to establish a connection to Tidal. As soon as I disconnected the ethernet cable, Tidal was able to establish a connection. I decided to revert back to QLC+ for lighting duties. This was quite disappointing as I had spend the entire previous week creating auto loops and scripting tracks in Soundswitch.

Id say that all traffic would go through your ethernet port once plugged in, therefore you would need a router with an ethernet cable, that takes a standard sim card so that it can use the 3g/4g network. Maybe something like an huawei b525s-23a…

Also have a look at the HUAWEI E5770 its a small mobile 4g router with a battery and an RJ45 port £50 off ebay, Im gonna try it with my prime 4, might be a bit more stable than the wi-fi.

I managed to figure out that if I connect things in a different order, I’m able to achieve what is needed. If you first connect the P4 to a hotspot via wifi, then open up Tidal and establish a connection and lastly connect the ethernet cable to a mac/pc for Soundswitch. Only then will the Tidal connection remain active & we are able to use the unit as intended. Doing it in this order I had to restart Soundswitch a 2nd time before SS would see the P4 as connected. I’ve got loads of data on my phone, I can’t justify having to go buy a 3g/4g router and another sim card to get this to work. This is bug that Denon needs to sort out.