Spotify Integration!

Prime needs integration with WiFi spotify ASAP!!! Most venues have spotify anyways and they use it daily. Similar to how an iPad has WiFi, the next prime controller needs WiFi with spotify. It would be great to walk into a venue and know that I can use spotify as a source of music. I’m not saying a main source but lets say you forget your hard drive or you just need to get the latest songs immediately, by having spotify you have access to the latest songs and song request in a push of a button!! Denon would truly rule over pioneer period!!


We’ll just have to wait & see what’s coming for Denon DJ :slight_smile: Keep your eyes peeled on Socials and Website for future announcements


Ohhhhh snap!!! I cant wait!!! If they integrate with spotify they can just take my money right now!!!



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I’d be happier if Spotify didn’t get onto the players.

One huge element of what makes a DJ, is their enthusiasm for music, their love of music and knowing their music. If everyone has every track , or everyone has access to the same 30 million tracks, and can hit Play on a track they never heard until that moment, it takes away another element of a DJs individuality.

It’s like the music anywhere/content unlimited and “this dj software recommends that you play xxx by yyy next, do you want to download it” - suddenly every bar in every city is playing the same song at the same time as every other bar


We are dj not jukebox! #preach


Actually some DJ’s want access to songs we dont have in our hardives that the people want! I don’t want the DJ world limited because of your standards. If you dont want that feature dont use it. simple! For the rest of use we need it because i want access to songs that are new.


Real dj’s buy music.


I 100% agree.

And this is what money is for. A DJ without purchased music is just … pretending (and that’s the nicest way it could be put)

Using free music to DJ with , is like train spotting using just pictures of trains, or water skiing on dry land, or parachuting without any height involved, or having sex without anyone else involved.

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Real DJs learn to create their own music!

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So what do you need Spotify integration for?! Im just saying, we djs not jukebox. I hate it allready when People offer me their Phone to play something from Spotify or youtube whatever. If i wanted to play your song i would have bought it. We are dj not play my song right now monkeys.

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Thank you! Not everyone uses sync but it’s there for others to use. Stop putting you opinion over others. Someone will invent it and other people will use it. Get over it. You don’t have to use it. Things will be invented and they will be used by those who find use in them and people will pay good money for it. Budiness will always go over your own personal preference. Sorry it’s the truth.

It’s worth you re-reading that.

Although in fairness two of your posts on this discussion have gone from how you want to play music you don’t have but that people ask you for, then swung right over to how “real” DJs make their own music , where you’re suggesting that nothing then needs to be bought or downloaded or streamed as real DJs only make their own music, not play others.

Lol bad ananolgy

Not to mention the “real” DJs in the top100 never produce their own music.

Anyway I can see why Spotify could be handy. On the other hand, you can still say no to a request and offer an alternative track. And even if there is an internet to stream the requested track from, you could also buy the track in a download store.


For me its a principle, NOT to have Spotify/ YouTube and I dont offer the posibility to connect customers phones. I am hired as a dj, not a juke-box.

At mobile gigs, I always get in contact with the customers a week in advance and talk about ‘what they want for the evening’ including music. And after that, its on my shoulders to give them a party.


Exactly. I’m in your side and state of mind.

But, I can imagine that some… bla bla. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There’s always some complaining, but its the name of the game. :joy: Hire a juke-box then.

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Most clients don’t know what they want. They hire you to do that. The caterer does the same; they take this task away from the client, planning upfront what will be served that night.

Most of my DJ friends do weddings and parties. You always do a pre-party meeting with them. There are clients who want an exact list played at their wedding, because “it’s their music taste”. Most of them sway from that list, because nobody’s dancing to that. The DJ will take over and make it a night to remember.

But yeah, if a DJ needs to be sooo flexible because aunt May wants to hear something you don’t have with you, streaming would be fine. And if a drink is not available, the caterer will fetch it during the night of course…

Thank you. All I’m saying is some DJs want that feature. Not just for request but just to have access to music we want to play

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