Split Cue?

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Even for small house parties etc… what about when no sound exists outside of headphone only usage? I’m at home not wanting to bother anyone or I’m on a plane like they show in the adds, where am I getting my cue vs master from? I don’t care what anyone says it’s a pita to cue master mix in stereo on phones…

Unfortunately not true. Just about every mixer and controller has a master/cue balance knob like that. BUT it just does that, change the balans between hearing only master signal, only cue signal or any ratio between the two signals in STEREO!

What de Split Cue button adds (and which used to be standard on most DJ mixer but since the controller age has been pretty much Denon controllers only), is the option of hearing master in one ear and cue in the other. This much more resembles the situation of using one ear cueing and one ear for the booth monitor.

Granted, as with everything, it’s a matter of taste and what you are used to. For me, doing in-earphone mixing is only really feasible using split cue. I just can’t get used to having both signals in both ears. Since I don’t do in-earphone mixing in smaller settings usually, it wouldn’t be a breaking point in purchasing the GO for me. That said, I do think it’s an odd omission.

So my vote in general is to keep split cue on every controller, but I would still by the go without it :-D.

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so it’s been about a month and still no official word yet… that’s kind of ridiculous… do the offical guys at denon not read the forums? … no i don’t mean the official moderators of the forum. i’m talking about someone who actually worked on the device… no more speculation given photos, i’m tired of that bs. I want an official “yes” or “no”

Wow like your life depends on it…

Let’s ask “moderator” @JWiLL :blush:

It wouldn’t hurt anyone’s workflow if splitcue on/off was on the screen

it’s just silly that no one has a definitive answer… like is it that hard to get it?

It’s quite simple.

If it is not a hardware button, then the answer is NO by default.

Software wise it could be possible. Prime Go is not available yet, so software is not definitive and may change before release to put a YES on your question, or not… Either way, staff isn’t obliged to answer, that would be silly indeed.

Don’t know why you mark my post as solved. I’m not staff, so no official answer still.

I just don’t get the “pre-order cancellation and BS” remarks on a device that has no definitive software spec sheet.

That’s the beauty of these Prime products. Stuff gets added while you own them! If SPLIT-CUE is something you ABSOLUTELY cannot go without, you need to wait or pre-order a Prime2 (and above).

Hey Guys, there is no hard switch for Split Cue but we plan to add this ability in the software. We are aiming to get it in for release but it may come in one of the first updates after launch.

Just created PRIME GO area today, so moving this topic over :slight_smile:


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