Speed range is changing - am I losing my mind?

Sure it could be a trick question as I lost that long ago :joy:

But something is up! SC6000s My speed range is changing throughout shows. Or I’m changing it without knowing it. This only started after the latest update though - I believe! I’ve never experienced it before. Or Am I doing something new. Which seems crazy but is also entirely possible. I dunno but it really throws things off as my default is +10.

Someone please tell me I’m doing something without realizing it. : /

more info please?

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The maximum speed my pitch fader should be allowed to alter the track speed (which I set to default at 10) changes to 20, 50 or 100. Seemingly randomly. I’m not intentionally changing it - at least that I’m aware of. I’ve used SC5000s and now 6000M. This has only started happening since the last update (if I had to trace it back)

As far as I know I usually have to hold shift and range buttons at same time to make this happen.

Check settings, you can now set the nudge + and - to change the pitch % instead of nudging the track. Make sure you have it set to how you prefer.


My first idea is the same as SirReal’s.

Second option is that Sync is active.

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Good day,

I have the same problem:

The reason is that sync was activated. After touching “Shift + SYNC” (to deactivate the sync function) and waiting for rd. 30 seconds, I could return to my default setting (+/- 8 %).

So I agree to @Reese :wink:

By the way: SYNC is driving me crazy, and as workaround, I don’t use this function any longer.

As when it is in use and till deactivating (SHIFT + SYNC on all four decks) the pitch slider always stucks for rd. 30 seconds. Imo it’s a bug and has nothing to do with “soft glide” or something like that.



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Good day @Reese,

imo, you are right.

Btw.: Phps. you please could do us a favour, as to create a more precise headline, so others will find the post as well.

Thank you very much for your endeavours in this matter.



Agreed, changed the title a bit. Thanks @BeatMaster

A small hint for you as well: you can edit your own post using the pencil if you want to add something. :wink:

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thanks, I’ve just saw it.

And thanks for your advise.

Have a nice lazy sunday afternoon :wink:



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Thank you everyone for the responses! And thank you Reese for changing my (very non-helpful for others) title! :slight_smile:

So yes I’m using Sync but the Tempo option only.

Shouldn’t this just be syncing my bpm times and leaving everything else alone? It’s why I use that option. I swear I don’t remember this happening in the past though. : /

Thanks again everyone!

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If you tempo sync a track that is greater than the 10% range you have it set for then the range will change because it has to.


Yup! Makes sense! Thx again!

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