Speed of random tracks wrong all of a sudden

During my last gig, i noticed 2 or 3 tracks i was mixing in had to have the opposing pitch fader ridiculously far off (eg. -7%) to get the track the same speed as the playing track. I know these tracks are around the same speed as i play them together all the time.

I’ve just had now, on my desktop while organising some songs the same thing, double click a file to put in in the player at the top, and could hear straight away its not running the correct speed, and had to re-analyze it to get it to start playing correctly.

1 - why do seemingly random tracks now have the wrong bpm info all of a sudden, these are songs i’ve been playing for months.

2 - how can i find any other tracks from my 1,000s of tunes that might also have the wrong bpm all of a sudden now, so i don’t have to deal with it playing live!

I know people only complain when they get a problem and don’t praise the units but I’ve generally had a good experience until the last few months - with the screen freezing during one gig, the unit rebooting itself during a gig, now tracks randomly needing re-analyzing, It’s just getting too risky to dj live with my Denon gear. I already have to carry around another audio source currently ‘just in case’ the unit needs/decides to reboot, it’s really not something i should need to do with £1,200 worth of dj controller.

Something must have gone wrong somewhere.

Best to reanalyse the whole library on the desktop.

Sometimes between updates analysis algorithms get tweaked and they recommend reanalysis.


I’m thinking I won’t lose my queues/loops if I just select everything and let it reanalyze the whole collection?

(I do a keep two backups anyway!)

No you shouldn’t loose any cues and loops.

If there are tracks you have locked :lock: the grid, those would not be analyzed as well.

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