Spare faders for a DN-X600

Hi guys

My name is Corry and I’m in South Africa. I’m looking for faders for my DN-X600, the distributors here don’t have any, so they replaced it with a bad one and it didn’t work. Can anyone please assist me with this?


Same here, only i’m in America, and need a flex fader for my Dn-x1600 (pretty sure they’re the same fader, though).

Instrumental_parts has the flex fader for the DN-X1500S, is this the same fader as the 600/1600/1700?

Should be, maybe we can have someone from Denon staff to confirm it? PS I wouldn’t bother with flex fader, get the Innofader :wink:

Thats definitely my other option. A PNP is 125 bucks though. The flex fader might be the loudest fader on the planet (twice as loud as an old vestax), but the cut on its incredible, It has the perfect weighting, and it’s butter smooth if you maintain it.

I really liked my old flex fader, If the fader hadn’t snapped during a beat juggling session, i’d never consider getting a different one.

I’ve yet to play on a full bodied inno (only the mini on a friends z2). Kinda scared to spend double the money and not like the fader as much.

Send a message to Innofader on fb, a few months ago they offered PNP faders without a box for 90 bucks (us shipping), full warranty applies :wink:

I had a go on an innofader with the innojuster on an old vestax pmc. No matter how I configured the fader with the innojuster, I never quite liked it as much as my flex fader?

I’ve reposted my questions in the 1600 section, but it’d be really cool if a mod or a denon associate could get back to me with a concrete answer.

Hi guys!

The DN-X600 comes with the Denon Flex Fader. Looks like Instrumental Parts has some here.

But, it’s also compatible with the Innofader Pro (here) if you want to branch out.

I hope this helps!

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Yes, it’s listed under X1600 parts and also has X1500S and X600 listed.

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