Spare 9" Vinyl for the SC3900

Im asking the impossible i know, but i need 2 new 9" vinyls for my 3900’s. Denon don’t seem to make or sell them anymore, and all shops i look in are out of stock. In fact Denon doesn’t seem to support their products for very long at all, i couldn’t find the vinyls for sale even when the 3900’s were still on sale :frowning:

I found some compatible ones made by Glowtronics but as im in the UK i don’t really want to pay $60 + customs charges of another $20 or so for just 2 vinyls!!! :astonished:

That’s who I was going to suggest. As for their price, try emailing them directly to see if they could help you on the total shipping/item costs. You never know.

You can also set a notice on ebay to have it email you as soon as someone has a set to sell.

I just did a Google search and came across another company that might be able to help.