(Spam proctection) Reply timer ... How to get rid of it?

Hi folks,

Just joined today and must say the forum looks good, like the features. I used to frequent the old forum but … well, we al know what that was like LOL.

However, one thing I don’t particularly like is the reply timer. I read fast and at 120 keys/minute type fast too. Having to wait 10 minutes or so every time I want to reply quickly takes the fun out of things.

While I understand the why (spam posters are a thorn in every forum’s side after all), I am wondering how long it takes and/or if it needs any additional input from me to get that lifted.

Due to some settings I had a period of a few weeks over on the Mixvibes Forums where the same thing happened (after being a member for years :slight_smile:) and it almost caused me to leave and never come back.

Hopefully this is something that can be fixed soon?

Again, compliments for what you’ve done with the place.

Greetinx from Holland, Chuck

p.s. Point in case: I scanned this forum after my last reply to another post, didn’t find a relevant topic, started this new one, typed all the above and when I hit “create topic” it tells me I need to wait another 4 minutes. It’s killing me! LOL

Hello, I have upgraded your account to full membership this usually takes place after a few days or a number of approved posts :slight_smile: This should reduce the wait time for you.


You’re my hero!

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Hmmm … being a full member now, but still hitting the timer from time to time. Not sure if it’s because I moderate another forum or I am just a fast typist (two-handed, blind, 120+ characters a minute), but especially when doing some shorter 1 or 2 line replies I still have to wait up to a minute sometimes.

Is there an even “higher” membership level I can aspire to, to get rid of any limitations?

And I promise if I ever spam, I will kick myself off the forums! LOL

Hello, we will be closely monitoring this and will be adjusting the times as best makes sense. We want the forum to be an enjoyable experience for all. This means that we do police spam and so far happy to say we have been 100% spam free. We also want to give everyone a chance to express their views while not making it annoying.

Our VIP Tiers level 3 and above currently have no limits and a number of real world perks. We will be rewarding the most helpful members with this.

I’ll try hard to get that VIP level 3 quickly :slight_smile: