SoundSwitch's Pre-built Gigbar Move Project - GET IT!

Gigbar Move Owners:

SoundSwitch has pre-patched and populated all of the Autoloops and Static Looks as well as Attribute and Position Cues in a SoundSwitch Project for the Chauvet DJ Gigbar Move.

Download the file from SoundSwitch’s website and simply set the Gigbar Move to DMX Channel 1 and 35ch Mode and its plug and play. Makes the Gigbar move a BEAST with Engine Lighting!


how can i make my moving heads scan all around? right now the go side to side with nothing pressed. thank you

Do you have an Gigbar Move?

I do own a Gigbar move

Cool. Did you download the GigBar Move project from SoundSwitch’s website?

Yes. I used it with the profile. Is just a bit confusing when things overlap. 80 % I understand but how can I make the mover scan the whole room insted of side to side. ?

You’ll have to go into EDIT mode on the SoundSwitch software. There, on your lower left you’ll see POSITIONS.

Double-click on POSITIONS and it will open up a window with all positions currently programmed. There you can click on the individual positions and make adjustments.

I recommend having your GigBar on and connected to your laptop via the USB dongle while making your adjustments.

Also, check out the video below for SoundSwitch that goes into some detail about Positions (around the 4 minute mark).

Thank you very much…question. does auto loops have movements for the movers?

When you edit the movements will this affect the auto loops also ? Then I have to replace the venue file on my controller right ?

My pleasure. Yes, the autoloops have movement also. SoundSwitch did a fantastic job with the project file.

When using Engine Lighting be sure to select venue ‘GigBar Move’ and have fun!

I guess my question is …. When I edit the movements on my computer how will I transfer what I edited to my controller? I’ll have to replace the file on my usb right ?

Dont sleep on the movement overrides…clutch for moving heads

The best way is through Sync Manager in Engine DJ. Check your Engine DJ settings under the Library tab and make sure that you are pointing to your GIGBAR MOVE.SSPROJ file.

Anyone have premade setting for GigBar2 ver. 2 by any chance ?

Will there be a version of the prebuilt project for the “GigBar Move + ILS”?

The one shipped with SS v2.6.1.3 does not work well with this new bar.

I just downloaded the file. DO I need to import it somewhere in soundswitch. How do I do this? Please advise. Thanks!