SoundSwitch wont use White in any RGBW fixture

I have several DMX fixtures that have a white channel specifically and SoundSwitch does not seem to want to use it at all, it will only mix RGB values with the RGB channels even for white colors… How can I force it to use the white LEDs in these fixtures? For example. I have U-king Bee Eye movers with RGBW leds in the Bee Eye pattern and it doesn’t look right without the white channel in the pattern. I also have some Eliminator mini par RGBWs that the white LEDs never come on at all and the way these are made, mixing RGB for white doesn’t show white, it shows separate red green and blue patterns. Why does sound switch not fully support color mixing RGBW fixtures?

Did you use the right fixture for the model of your lights? Generally the fixtures that support the WHITE channel have the word “RGBW” in their description as you indicated for your light model.

Second thing: if you press the “WHITE” button/icon on the specific performance page, do you see only the white LED light up, or do all the RGB LEDs light up?