Soundswitch with scenes

Hi everyone, probably a question that’s been asked before, but is it possible to make some scenes in soundswitch, where no track is needed, so that I can activate those scenes in my Prime 4? So without a track? Just like a DMX lighttable

You can create static scenes, where you can set a combination of colors, brightness, position of the moving heads, for each of your lights (one for each DMX code). Then you can switch from one scene to another by getting the movement and the change of light when you switch from one to the other.

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Thank you for your comment, but then everything is “at a standstill” I would like to run a case for the movingheads, the parren etc… so a customized scene with a light show… separate from the track or soundswitch automatic loop etc

Usually the moving heads (even the cheap ones) have DMX channels used to enable automatic movement programs, so if using the “static” configuration I explained to you before, you send a certain command to the channel of your DMX moving head, it will continue to make movements.

With soundswitch (on the computer) and perhaps also on Engine Lighting (on the console) there is the possibility to set automatic movements of the moving heads, also to adjust the speed and amplitude of the oscillations, you can also set the movements with different shapes (for example in the shape of “8” or straight lines). However, I must check with certainty before confirming you. But something exists.

I’m afraid soundswitch doesn’t have this… can’t find it anywhere on Google or youtube

You can do a workround where you make a scene up to a generic track. Play that track and put the fader at full and turn line gain to zero ( full fader… no volume). AFAIK thats the only way round it at the moment

I was already afraid of it, unfortunately … thank you for your help

DJ-Alzys solution is the only viable option you do have. SS base intention is to prebuild lightshows for certain tracks, so you can keep the hands off you lightingconsole for most of the time. Therefore the the lightingconsole trigger option is not really in their mind right now. However, the generic track option should be pretty easy to implement.

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