Soundswitch with moving heads

I have some cheaper Chinese moving heads that I can’t see to get to light up. I can control the movement somewhat with sound switch but can’t seem to get any light from them.

They are Dongguan Tongquaniu mini moving head lights

Any help would be hugely appreciated

I have as well some cheap Chinese moving heads and they work as expected. I’ve choose LED Wash 7x18w RGBWA +UV in 15ch config as a fixture.

Ah ok nice. What make do you choose? If I go to manufacturers, there is no LED wash.


My movers are from Shehds so I chose that.

I have some similar mini moving heads (uking 7x18w) RGB+W but the white never comes on. It just makes white from mixing the RGB.

I’ll probably have to use a different profile for that.

I recently used some NovoPro 1m RGB+W battery powered battens which also exhibited the same RGB mixing instead of white.

If the software has to mix RGB to get white when there is a white LED, the button labeled “white” should at least fire off the white LEDs.

I’ll investigate more with this soon.

All sorted now guys but thanks for your replies :slight_smile:

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