SoundSwitch & wireless DMX

Hello Dj’s

I need your advice on DMX.

I bought a kit including 1 transmitter and 5 wireless DMX receivers from Alien on aliexpress which I was able to get at a good price during the Aliexpress birthday party. I’m totally new to Soundswtich and I must admit I haven’t started testing yet. I have a wedding to do on 20 April and I’ll have the following lighting equipment at my disposal (it’s also Chinese equipment from aliexpress):

2 moving Heads Spots Shehds 230 watts like these ones

2 RGB laser like these

2 Moving Heads Zoom Wash like these

2 x 180w light projectors with three rotating heads like these 518FgCjoXnL.AC

1 stairville Boss FX 2 (thomann) integrated multi-effect “gigbar” type as shown:

I will also have 2 Chinese no name wireless DMX receivers to lend but which are not exactly the same models as mine. I have ordered a soundswitch usb micro adapter from thomann which should arrive in a few days. The idea is obviously to control all this equipment in wireless DMX from soundswitch.

So here are my questions:

  1. Can I simply connect my wireless DMX transmitter to the soundswitch micro adaptor and simply connect the DMX receivers to each piece of lighting equipment and control any devices with the same emitter in the same group, or do I need to create groups by pair of identical fixtures?

  2. If I have to create groups, do I need a separate wireless DMX emitter for each group.

  3. As most of this equipment is Chinese, I imagine that there is currently no database of equipment supported by soundswitch (if someone using soundswitch can confirm whether they are present or not, or if there are compatible models) and that I will therefore have to enter the settings for each piece of equipment manually. How does it work with Chinese equipment in soundswitch?

Welcome to the family 1 - I have the same dmx dongles from Alien as well. They work perfectly with the Soundswitch® adapter. You don’t have to split the groups but note that you can only use a single DMX universe with this setup.

3 - I have a lot of lights from Shehds. I think they are excellent. Most fixtures from Shehds are in the database, but with the fixture manager you can easily create your own.

4 - start with watching the tutorials from soundswitch on YouTube first and then look at the videos from Daryl Bennett. (I think he lingers here around)

5 - my findings are soundswitch is best learned with just a couple of wash par fixtures. Expecially lasers can be tricky to program since you need to use a lot of attribute cues to make them work.

Soundswitch is rubbish with lasers, unless you want everything running at the same time. I like lasers to be running on their own, with everything else off, which it can’t do.