Soundswitch Running Light

Hello, I would like to use Soundswitch to create a running light over several projectors. I despair at programming. Now I’m looking for help here and hope someone has an idea.


do you mean with projectors real video projectors? If so there is no solution you need a program like Resolume that can output video files.

If you want some real running lights you need DMX lights that have several sections that can be addressed within the light itself. Sometimes the auto creation makes some running lights out of it. Otherwise you have to manually put it in.

But projectors with hdmi inputs are not supported

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Thank you! I have a light bar with one assignable DMX address. There are 4 headlights on it. I want to create a running light over it. Do I understand correctly that you can set this under Chases?

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Ok as your 4 lights have separate dmx Adresses to control every light individually, just try to implement it and let the auto-script function do its job. My lights, which have also 4 segments, do run automatically in some chase form. Just be aware that fixtures often have different modes that have different numbers of DMX adresses. Try to implement the dmx type with the most available adresses. Use this in Soundswitch and in the settings of the fixture itself.