Soundswitch + Resolume connectivity problem with Sc5000/ X1800

Hello Denon Forum,

i have some problems with the overall connectivity of my prime set up and soundswitch + Resolume.

I’m using a 2018 MacBook Pro with a dongle for my lan adapter, I also tried 2 different adapter.

The main problem is that when Resolume finds my players it does not recognize it in soundswitch (however if I move the faders the blue point shows up, but than disappears and the lights don’t do anything), lights work in editing mode. On the other site if the players are recognized by soundswitch they don’t appear in Resolume.

I dropped my firewall, deactivated the wlan. Have the newest Sc5000 firmware, but I’m using Resolume Arena 6.1.2. (Tried it with the 7 Demo, same problem). Sometimes Resolume or soundswitch recognized only one player. Tried different ports of the x1800 as well.

It seems like there is some issue with the recognition, but i don’t know what I could do additionally.

Thank you in advance.

I’m on a Windows machine. Hadnt tried running both SS and Arena at the same time. i’ll give this a test in the AM.

Could you already try this?

What you are experiencing seems like a similar experience to using Unbox on the Mac.

If you haven’t given this app a go, it has a debug screen that shows your connections when put into Denon mode.

The discussion thread is here and the developer is keen to help with any questions: Stagelinq protocol API - #425 by DrLastContaQt

The download is here: GitHub - erikrichardlarson/unbox: Log and display your rekordbox / Serato / Traktor / VirtualDJ / Denon / Mixxx tracks as they're played

Now it may not help but it is at least a good idea to use the debug log that displays the connections to and from your players. It could help diagnose it. I know that SS like the LAN only and turning off the WiFi helps when it’s running.