Soundswitch micro usb not working (no driver?)

Hi all. Finally got around to attempting to control some DMX lighting via the Soundswitch software and micro usb interface. Basically the software refuses to find the micro usb in hardware settings, whereas it shows up on my prime 4 when connected to it. Ive gone through the settings on my laptop, clicked on the soundswitch usb in devices, and it says that its driver needs updating, then cant find one, so its useless. Its a brand new Samsung i5 laptop, so id assume it could handle soundswitch? Literally i just want to autoscript a quick lightshow (all dmx fixture addresses have been set), or even just get the lights to do something, but they just remain dead.

Has anybody got any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

What dmx controller do you use? Drivers usually available at the manufacturer’s site. And Soundswitch can work with only few dmx controller models Click

When you say ‘what controller’, are you referring to the Soundswitch software, Soundswitch micro usb interface or my Denon Prime 4? Im using it as advertised really, but finding it so far to be a bit of a disappointment. When i say ‘disappointment’ read ‘complete nightmare’.

I seem to have got the lights connected now via the micro usb and Soundswitch software, and have assigned a few dmx fixtures and autoscripted a couple of tracks. Am i on the understanding though, that this is now the only way to have the Prime 4 run lighting using its onboard lighting screen after pre-analyzing ALL music through Engine, and autoscripting EVERY SINGLE individual track beforehand? If so, this is ridiculous. Is there no way to just send fixture data to the Prime 4 via usb stick, and have it control the lights itself just like it manages to with Nanoleaf lighting panels? As a mobile dj, i simply dont have time to autoscript over 150gb of music tracks individually, which isnt exactly how Soundswitch has been marketed!

There is no need to script every track. This is where the autoloop function comes in

On top of the autoloops the overrides will work for more creativity or adjustments

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So to use this feature, how do i start off in the first place? My fixtures are uploaded to the dmx map/channels on the soundswitch software. If i get a track that i have pre-analysed in Engine and drop it in as a new project, i can autoscript. Thats about where i am currently. If i then try and save that project, the file though is empty?

Why then if i copy that track with SS data to a usb stick and insert it in my Prime 4 plus SS micro usb interface (connected to my lights), does nothing happen. My P4 shows the interface as connected, but NONE of my fixtures show in the lighting fixture screen, or react to anything in terms of overrides etc?

Excuse my computer illiterate approach here, i just thought it was a bit more simple than what it actually is.


Sounds like the Soundswitch project needs to be exported to your drive. Here is a video that might help with getting things over to the Prime 4:

I use the 2nd method that is shown on 2.26 in that video myself (the method without Engine desktop).