Soundswitch Laser automation question

Hi all. I just got my hands on soundswitch and am actively learning it, so this is a newbie question. So what i’m looking to do is to have my laser go on & off to the beat on the drop. Is this only possible to do with the attribute markers or is there maybe a way to do it with the master track like how you can make a pulsing curve for normal lights to flash? I’m just looking for a faster way to setup my lightshows without having to manually place on/off attribute cues for the laser. I have the Laserworld EL-400RGB MK2

The way I did it was requesting from support to use the channel for turning on/off as the intensity channel. My laser for instance turns on with values above 32, so I set minimum intensity below that in autoscripting and thus it pulsates on and off along with the rest of the lights. It can still be used normally for custom scripts by having its own intensity always above 32. Hope that helps.


Allright thanks a lot for the answer!