SoundSwitch issues

Hey Community

I recently bought a SoundSwitch Control 1 , watched all the videos and tutorials on the SS website and can’t get past the analyzing stage where I import my Engine DJ folders into SS. Under my library tree in edit mode I only see 2 of my folders and the rest are gone. I’ve double checked under Engine DJ , they’re all there and fully functional and exportable but for some reason SS only sees the two newest folders. I’ve been on live chat with SS Techs , no help. I’ve reinstalled SS and restored a backup of my Engine library , enabled SoundSwitch export and pointed to my project folder location…nothing.

Any help would be appreciated as I wait for SS to escalate my case


This sentence of yours seems a little unusual to me. When I install SSW on a computer for the first time, I then go into the settings and only keep the operation with the Engine libraries active, therefore I deactivate Virtual DJ, Serato, etc. I don’t have to “import” anything into SSW, the libraries are all there.

At that point after re-starting SSW if I go to the top left in the collection, I only see the Engine collection.

But keep one thing in mind: currently SSW does not see smartlists but only playlists. So if your collection is made up of smartlists, this is the cause you don’t see them.

However if you go to your collection via SSW you see all your library tracks, it doesn’t matter if you don’t see the smartlists. Your goal in SSW is to analyze your traces to create command scripts for your lights.

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Dude your not alone this is just the lest intuitive part of Using Engine DJ this guy helped me and as far as sound switch please know they got the worst tutorials I’ve ever scene to the point I’m about to built an Ai to help those in need cause, it bad to the point I paid hundreds to a third party to learn how to use that over priced pos support trys but feels like they are limited by thier pay or something. Think it was the blueprint videos that ended up help get me going 6 months and an extra 400.00 later I still refuse to pay the SS fee due to its constant to updates sabotaging my work. I’m about to re revisit it and see if I can work simplify a YouTube for people. Forgot the link to how to figure this out this guy helped

I can assure you I have created all playlists under my Engine dj I can see them all under my Engine tree but only 2 show up under the soundswitch tree , all other sources have been disabled as you mentioned. Does it have anything to do with the fact that all the folders that do not show up are located on another attached drive ? For backup purposes my entire music library has its on drive

This: Files on an external drive. I still haven’t figured out the mechanisms behind it and whether this is really how I want it to work, but my database shows up in two “collection” branches under the Engine DJ folder in the Music browser of Soundswitch. I just work around it by trying to auto script a file and it doesn’t work, I script the one in the other branch. I probably need to re-sort how the files are linked in Engine - maybe accidentally wrote to the SSD as a player target when I didn’t mean to and wrote an SS database on there.

I would ask SS for help, but that would mean signing up for Facebook and I would rather pull out my eyeballs than sign up for Facebook.

That may be the problem. I use SSW with the library saved locally, not on external drives. Then when I’m done creating the scripts, I use Engine DJ Desktop to transfer all the SSW files, playlists and scripts to the external USB drive.