Soundswitch integrations - lets see your stuff

Would love to see what you guys have done out there :blush:

This is one of my newest setups (still working on it) , only LED strips…


Looks great! I also have something similar build but I made a complete led driver with dmx to run 24 independent LED stripes (1m each). With my dmx controller I can run a video across them or make a time coded sequences. I wander if the Denon Prime set can deliver timecode that I could pickup on my DMX controller over ArtNet, sACN, MTC or LTC?

Sounds awesome… 24 pieces :star_struck: The powersuply I HAVE, can pull 41.2 meters (only using 15 so far) LED so I’m going to expand the setup :joy:

But I dont run pixel mapping on it… I would need more universet than my standard SoundSwitch is providing, to do that. :thinking:

This is super rad!! Thanks for sharing it! :+1:t3:

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I have 24 pcs that are acting like 1m is running a single pixel. I have parts to build a second driver for another 24pcs (need more free time).

My led driver is done in a bit old fashion analog way. But with dmx control. Each 8 bars have there own PSU (I build in 3 psu’s in single rack housing with driver boards and dmx) so I have power enough.

I also have 12m of pixel tape and my controller is running 128 universes, so No stress. I also have a media server with 255Universe output via ArtNet.

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Thats quite a setup there NoiseRiser…Love “those” tubes as well.:slight_smile: And it sounds like you have plenty of room to expand :slight_smile:

The reason why I wanted those 2 meter long ones on their own stands, is that if I just combine them with, say 4 movingheads, its a perfect and simple setup for almost all of my mobile gigs. Easy setup and easy take down.

But yeah I too want to expand - I have room for another control board in the flight, so I´ll have another 10 LED strips at some time.

@JWiLL : You are most welcome…its a funny thing to work with, and I love to integrate the lights in my gigs as well… I´m tired of those “Sound To Light” solutions where it impossible to control each lamp.

My next step here is to integrate the Prime series with my visuals/light setup, so I can use it together and deliver some unique experience for medium gigs. I cooperate with some rental companies and we do a lot of Dj gigs.

I hear you - exactly my vision aswell :slightly_smiling_face: Dont want to be ‘just another dj’… There are great opportunities in making a difference in a complete setup with the SoundSwitch integration.

I look for something different then only sound switch, as this is very limited compared to normal dmx console. I use Martin/Onyx controller, but also if needed I have in the warehouse a Hog4, GrandMA 2 as well.