Soundswitch data export

Hi, On Engine Desktop I have Soundswitch Export activated, I also have the SoundSwitch icon on every playlists but no track gets the small dot (that indicates the track is analysed to soundswith). So when I export the playlists to Prime4, no data files regarding SS is sent together… What am I missing guys?


Trivial question: Did you use SoundSwitch to analyze all your tracks and script each of them? When this is done, then each of your MP3 files will receive a new TAG which contains a unique ID, which will be used to pair the track with its script. From that moment on, if the TAG exists and the script exists, then the dot will appear in the SoundSwitch column in Engine DJ. From that moment on, if you transfer the tracks with SYNC MANAGER to your remote unit, then the scripts will also be copied.

  1. Go to Engine DJ settings

  2. Select or reselect your Soundswitch Project folder. Dots should show up.

You may need to re analyze tracks

Hi, I did not use SoundSwitch to analyze the tracks, since my original software 3 months license, that I had on the older Mac is now expired. Is it really necessary to use SS to analyze or Prime4 does that by itself?

Thank you very much for your reply. Cheers, RM

YES, If you want to get scripts for each track you have to use SoundSwitch. Only in that case you will get the appearance of the white dot in the Engine DJ column.

Prime 4 analyzes the tracks only to create the musical grid, it does not create scripts for controlling the lights. If you do not have a Soundswitch license you can only use the AUTOLOOP which will control the lights following the beats of the audio track.

Ok, now I understand. Thank you very much DjAj


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