Soundswitch Control 1

Hi i am new to soundswitch and want to explore the Control 1 standalone unit hooked up to a Prime 4 So I drove up to a dealership and went for a demo of the Conttrol 1 hooked upto a demo prime 4 so far so good until he plugged a 8 channel dmx light into the control 1 and we could access all the colour buttons etc which showed up on the prime 4 screen but no colour from the light so we checked dmx coding and the lights were correct so we swapped the lights 3 times but nothing made the lights work is this just me and the stroe not doing something worng or is there a setting weve missed i have a obey 40 that i programmed all the chaeses and scenes so dmx is something i know about please help if you have any answers

Did u use the software on a pc first to set the dmx parameters?


Set your DMX map and venues in the software. Run your songs though analysis to create a light show and then you can pack your tracks in Engine DJ which will pack the newly created light show along with the audio file. Just make sure it’s set to pack it in Engine DJ setup.