Soundswitch and Stairville Boss FX 2 Pro multi effect bar behavior

Hello friends,

Well I’m new to soundswitch, I started my first tests with a StairVille Boss FX2 Pro multi effects bar

I analyzed a few tracks in different styles with different presets and I admit that I am quite mixed on the results.

The derbies behave like pars, the colors change but the derbies flash, it barely moves, and the white strobe LEDs inserted in the bar apparently do not seem to be taken into account in the automatic scripts during track analysis. I never see them turn on or work. I tried with the different DMX modes whether in 5/7 or 25 channels, I don’t see any changes.

I think there may be a problem with the way this multi effects bar was integrated into soundswitch.

As it stands, operating in sound mode seems more impressive than when it works with soundswitch

Am I missing something?

Hello, I think it is a problem with the simplicity of using the bar as a fixture. I am not familiar with that bar, I have the Gigbar move and had the same issues. I ended up splitting out every head as it’s own fixture. Giving me control over everything individually means I could do chases as I see fit. do chases on the strobes and incorporate it into a larger lighting rig at the right position. The strobes probably only react on the strobe channel for you. If you want them to behave as something else, you would have to adjust the fixture type for that. It is not hard using the fixture manager. But if you are just starting out it may seem a little daunting. All the information you should need will be in the DMX section of the manual. See if someone has split out that bar into individual components first look at what they did and adjust to your liking. I think having a good understanding of DMX and how it works is key to getting the most out of SS. They work to simplify and take a lot of the work out of it, which sometimes removes some capabilities, or they have to choose the 90% use case over the 10% use case. The other option is adjusting the auto scripts to your liking for your fixture but chances are the stobes will act as 1 and only on strobe.

Thank you for your well-founded reply.

A lot of common sense and useful information in your comment, I’m going to approach this as you have which will give me individual control over each element. It makes perfect sense when you think about it.

Hello, i have exactly the same problem with the Boss FX 1 Pro Bundle. I can load a fixture from the public library. I can load this fixture as well in the fixture manager to check how each item is configured. Cell 1 Derby Cell 2 Par 1 …


I understood from the Manual that each Channel gets its unique Coarse Number which is basically the Channel Number. image

So i would have assumed that each CELL incl. its component channels shows up as a separate track in soundswitch. Which is the case for all “normal cells”

All “normal” Cells show up correctly in Soundswitch. Laser / Strobe are configured as CELLXX: MASTER but they do not shown as own “track” in Soundswitch. So i can’t see them and cannot control them. And Autoscript does not apply any effect to them…

No Laser shown in below screenshot:

Sorry - i hope you understand whats my problem. I think i did everything right but the result is not as expected.

Cheers Andreas

TLDR: Not all Elements in my Stairville BossFx1 - Bundle Pro (with Laser) can be controlled or programmed.


Currently, multicell fixtures are hard to program

Well thanks for the Summary. Not the answer i hoped for, but at least an honest answer.