Soundswitch and Engine help

So im new the EngineDj and soundswitch.

I have a Numark mixstream Pro Go and have all my music organised on a usb stick that i use with my controller.

I want to use soundswitch to associate auto lught shows to begin with on a selection of my songs (in different sub folders on my usb stick).

  1. How do i load these different location files into soundswitch from my usb (im using a desktop pc with soundswitch onto do this - which isnt connected to my controller or any lights and doesnt have desktop Engine on)

  2. To learn the ropes and get started i want to create an auto light show on a few of my songs, and then add a few simple tweaks, light use mainly blue and purple lights and add a few extra strobe positions. Do i use autoloops or autoscripts? I only have 1 light source at the moment (Equinox Spectra Batten)

  3. Once i have created the light shows, do i just export to the same location where the song is and then put the usb back into the Numark Mixstream… can i have a dedicated folder on the usb stick for all the soundswitch related files in a different folder to my music?

Thanks for any help

Hi Jaybo, those are all basic questions that are answered in many FAQs and Youtube videos. Soundswitch needs some time investment to fully get it but they have good manuals.

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Basically yes, all you should need to do is open sound switch and located the engine collection you export your USB from, it should mimic your engine collection as far as playlists and folders. locate the tracks you would like to script and save your project. When you go back into engine dj you need to go into the settings and turn on the setting for sound switch to export on sync. also, if you right click on the top bar where it says preview, title, artist, bpm, key you can choose to see which tracks have a sound switch script it will be represented with a small dot. export like normal and you should be good to go. hope this helps in any way, and of course youtube has alot of great info on sound switch programing and exporting.

Feel free to reach out to our support channels directly:

Also, check out the SoundSwitch knowledge base:

Hey Gary Not trying to hijack this thread but what if all your engine dj library folders do not show up under the engine library tab in SoundSwitch. I only have 2 folders showing up out of about 20 in my Engine Library. I’ve tried everything and SS is escalating my case but figured I’d ask here first.


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I understand where you are coming from. best advice i can give is to check every drop down on the Sound switch side as far as folders goes. you were able to locate 2 of 20. Of those 2 folders were you able to program lights scripts for those tracks, and if so did they show up as a dot back in your engine dj software? It’s really hard to tell without seeing it and messing with it myself. I would suggest checking other drop downs that could possibly have all your folders. maybe it’s in a different collection. or on another drive. Sorry i could’t be more help. keep me updated on anything you figure out and if and when SS gets back to you.

Dont know if its your problem, but i have my Engine Libary on an external drive, if i dont have it connected to my laptop it will only show a couple of local Engine playlists. Make sure to connect it before opening SS.

Probably not your problem, but i put it in here, maybe it helps some people