Soundswitch and Alien RGB laser

Hi, I have in my setup a moving head and some other lights and I am perfectly happy with the autoscripting I have done so far. However, after adding a laser SLP-RGB500 to the mix I am running into some issues:

  • Without using an attribute cue the laser does not turn on. I can set a mode in the intro cue to turn it on and play with different attributes cues from then on, but the laser will not turn off after the song ends as it is stays in the mode I put it on in the beginning. Everything else is controlled through the intensity and turns off normally. Is that normal for a laser?

  • Intensity does not appear to have any relevance to the laser, movement and some minor zoom in/out appears to be working, but do not really make it appear “connected” to the music through the autoscript.

Any ideas?