Soundcloud playlist limit

Hi, my soundcloud playlist on the SC6000 is limited to only 100 tracks. Is there a way to fix this?

Why do you see 100 tracks as a limitation? That should be more than enough for a typical four hour gig.

How many tracks are in the playlist? Why not split it into more manageable chunks?

Maybe it’s a SoundCloud limit rather than a Denon one. Have you tried other large playlists?

I believe that it is something in the software, however I have the same issue and I think the limit should be 325 instead. A lot of people have a master playlist that they always like to jump to because they know they have an extra song in there and the allowance of a bigger limit only makes sense.

Hi, I just finished the firmware update. And it must indeed have been something in the software, because in 2.0 the 100 limit has disappeared. Thanks Denon!