Soundcloud GO+, Beatport trial?

Since with my Prime 4 I have the code to access the Tidal trial for 3 months, but I have no code for the other platforms (Beatport, Soundcloud, etc.), I wanted to know if those who recently purchased the Prime 4 also received the test code of the aforementioned platforms, or if it is not included.

The code is for Tidal. There are no other codes.

You can get a 30 day trial of Soundcloud GO+ free - it’s easy to cancel. They have had better promotions, multiple times there’s been a 90 day/$1 promo.

Beatport also has a 30 day trial

Yes, but I wanted to know if guys who bought the P4 recently (that is, since the V1.5 was released) maybe they had received the 3 months free gift for Soundcloud too, since from version 1.5 we can use Soundcloud GO+ directly from P4 .

Yes, yes, I know that. But my request was another, read above.

You only mentioned beatport, soundcloud then “etc”

Or is Beatport go the one you’re particularly interested in?

I was referring to the platforms that are currently supported by Engine OS. I was wondering if the new Prime 4 customers had been offered 3 months for free (as it was done for Tidal), but also for the new platforms (Soundcloud, etc.).

As has already been stated, there is only a three month code for Tidal. There are no other codes.

In other words, if Denon had added new codes for the additional services, it would have been announced. Is that clear enough now?

Yes, thanks.

FYI there is now a 3 month trial of Soundcloud GO+, though if at any point you have ever subscribed (even if you are currently not subscribed) you are SOL, which is pretty fail in my opinion. Would have been better if the offer could have been open to anyone just a courtesy.

You could make a new account, only use it for 3 months to use the trial period, and then close everything and go back to your old account. :wink: