Sound switch & prime 4

Hola gang, I’m a retired dj that has been building my home setup. I own the Prime Go and just bought the prime 4. I was turned on to sound switch so I invested in the micro dmx, software, and 2x Chauvet fox par 9. I added the 2 lights in sound switch and set them to dmx channels 59 & 60, hit play on the prime 4. Nothing by. No response. So I then thought it may be because I’m using streamed tracks from beatport. So after watching a video on how to use the Engine dj software (I’ve been out of the loop for a minute) , I analyzed a track dropped it into the Prime 4, hit play and nothing. I’d appreciate any help or suggestions. Thanks for your time in advance.

  1. In Engine Desktop settings check that Soundswitch export mode is on

  2. Check that engine DJ desktop is referencing the correct Soundswitch project files that contain your fixtures

  3. Load that project in Engine lighting mode on your players

Thanks for your reply. I’ve had some headway. I’ve set the fixtures to dmx channel 1 and they responded. I have a couple of questions. I’m still running the lights from the laptop connected via the sound switch micro usb. Should the bomb in the software on the top right match the decks? Also do songs from streaming services work with sound stream and if not is there a work around? I appreciate you.

Yes it works with streaming music as well but it will use the auto loops included

You can use it without laptop as well by plugging the usb dongle to your prime controller.

Not sure I understand what you’re saying

Wow, I should have proofread this.,I meant the bpm top left match the bpm of the deck.

I will check then revert.

No the BPM Indicator in SoundSwitch is only used when in Standalone Mode. When used alongside your DJ Software this BPM Indicator does not update.

Take a look at these videos. It is so simple really.

SoundSwitch tutorial part 1

SoundSwitch tutorial part 2

SoundSwitch tutorial part 3