Sound Switch Engine Lighting - will any DMX dongle do?


After you make a lightshow with Sound Switch and export it with your engine playlist to the Prime 4, can I plug the DMX interface I already have into the Prime 4 and will it work? Or do I need a soundswitch specific one? I have already used this DMX interface with Sound Switch out of my computer, so I am wondering will it work out of the Prime 4.


I’m 99% sure you need the specific SoundSwitch DMX interfaces for Engine Lighting to work.

Yes, MrWilks is correct. The desktop SS software allows use of Enttec, Eurolite and DMXKing as well as their own products (this isn’t mentioned in the manual), but the embedded version only works with their own dongles.

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Soundswitch only.

Soundswitch wouldn’t put all the effort and research into getting it all working as well as it does, only to kill sales of their dongle by allowing any ol’ dongle to work with it.

Well they make sales from the software because you still need to buy that for it to work. I have a Denon piece of gear not a Sound Switch hardware (even though Im prob going to get the SS controler) But I really think the Dj hardware should function with 3rd party dongles. Restrictions are stupid.

Can you use a laptop running SS with the Prime4 and have it synced to a set as if you were running it from the Dj hardware?

Only the SS dongle or the control one will work on the Denon standalone SS function.

The dongle comes also with a 3 month SS subscription. Therefore not the worst deal actually. Maybe it should be open to any, but i know that certain dongles dont work the same. Tried different with the freeware QFC and not all worked well. Therefore to have multiple dongle to test your software on the standalone mode would be increased testing effort. SS really works well and if the price is a limited amount of dongles, im fine.

Hello ALL - This can help shed some light on this subject: