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how can i manage to make the sound goes on my left speaker only, then on the right speaker only to play with the music? is there a button to make it possible?

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The effect that you’re describing is called Pan, Panning, or Autopan.

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Ok I have the name. But how can I do it? My interest is not about the name is about how to do it… Thanks in advance!

The main prime separates offer panning and a balance control to adjust the left/right output - normally it’s for balancing when you have you put one speaker much further away from the crowd than the other speaker.

The prime 4 doesn’t have a pan or balance control so things can’t be adjusted that way.

The nearest thing the prime 4 has is the Ping Pong effect.


You would need an additional cheap mixer that offers balance/pan to be able to achieve this with the Prime 4.


Or a separate effects box that is stereo in and stereo out, and offers balance or auto-panner effects

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You’re suggesting that he runs the nice clean high quality output of the Prime 4 through a “cheap mixer” just to get pan/bal? :astonished:

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It would be one way to achieve the effect that the OP was asking about and all effects can be considered to be a degradation from the original sound anyway.

It’s not a brilliant solution, or without flaws, but would do it. It would also mean that when a few dozen vicious rapid wrenches of a rotary pan/balance knob breaks the pot, it’s only a cheap external sub mixer that’s busted, not the nice clean high quality prime 4 that’s heading of to the repair shop.

It would be nice to see some panning versions of the existing effects added, such as a auto panning beat breaker, or Auto panning echo, with each echo parsing out of the opposite speaker. But that’s all in the realms of feature requests and a 5 year diary.

Even cheap mixers these days have decent quality internals - good enough that upwards of 95% of people won’t notice any difference.

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Thank you for this answer which is really clear! :ok_hand:

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Tip for the OP: State the reason you are looking for a certain feature/option, what is it you want to achieve.

In this example it makes a lot of difference if you are looking for an effect (making the sound go left right left right either manually or automatically = the ping-pong effect) or for a way to change the balance between left and right speaker, for example because of the particulars of the room you are playing in.

Just my 3 cents as usual.

Is there a Pan control or can we assign a knob/mix feature other than Ping Pong? Sometimes the DJ wants some things on the Left and then the Right. I know this is possible and Denon Leads the Way!

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