Sound distortion on MC7000

Hello, I have a problem with my console. It has happened twice in the evening. After 5 hours of mixing the sound begins to distort the output. There is a “buzz” in the speakers. I have to turn the console back on for the sound to be normal. thank you for helping me find the problem i use a macbook pro with serato macOS Catalina

Bonjour, j’ai un problème avec ma console. Cela fait deux fois que cela m’arrive en pleine soirée. Après 5 heures de mix le son commence a faire une distorsion en sortie. Il y a un “buzz” dans les enceintes. je dois rallumer la console pour que le son soit normal. merci de m’aider à trouver le problème

Whats the spec of the Macbook? Model year, RAM, CPU etc

Try increasing the audio latency in Serato next time it happens and see if the buzz goes away.

Model : macbookpro 2019 8go 1,4 intel i5

This one right :point_up_2:t5:

Try adjusting the Audio Latency settings in Serato.

Make sure you are connected directly to the laptop and not with a USB hub.

I’m not sure how beefy the 1.4ghz Quad core i5 is, Serato support can help you

Thanks for the answer, I will also update the firmware


This sound distortion issue after many hrs of use is a common Serato issue. See Serato forums.

Im using 2.3.2 which is the current for the last 2 months and fingers crossed this version seems great.