Sorting tracks by BPM issue

Hi there, folks! I have a question and hope someone could help me. According to the Page 19 of the 1.2 user guide, I tap to choose sort preference and i select BPM. Then i load my tracks and pass to the performing view. So now is the problem: when I back to the seraching/loading page I must re-select BPM as sort preference… Is there any solution to keep my BPM sorting option confirmed as default? Thanks in advance Marco

Hello @aspid, thank you for posting. We’ve confirmed that this is the way PRIME 4 does operate. After selecting the ‘sort by: BPM’ option, we were able to load tracks from various crates and the Sort function maintained throughout. What firmware are you running on your PRIME 4?

Hi and thanks for the fast reply! My firmware is 1.3.2 …So I suppose I have a real issue with my prime4…

Hi @aspid, I think it’s too soon to decide that. We are having difficulty reproducing this ‘issue’, could you perhaps provide a video of this negative instance occurring?

hello again, the problem I described occurred while inserting new tracks on the internal ssd hard disk using Engine. Magically, after restarting the console several times, the problem I described has disappeared and now the playlist songs keep their BPM order. In my humble opinion, perhaps the inconvenience was caused by the need to update the internal database and, in any case, depending on Engine … I keep my fingers crossed and I hope it doesn’t happen anymore :slight_smile: Thank you very much for your attention and for your quick help!

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