Sort RED files to make one complete list

Simple feature that sorely needed. Please let me know of there is a way to sort all red files.

Reason: When there are tracks I want to get rid of forever, I like to delete them from my main OS (NOT inside Engine). This is so they don’t re-appear.

Once done, the files appear as RED inside Engine. Perfect. Now I want to delete them from Engine but I have to do this one by one because I can’t sort them! This is literally double work.

What’s my work around?

Scrolling down your collection to pick them out and delete unfortunately.

I agree it is needed, and i think there is an open request for you to vote on that covers the requirement.

Thanks for the reply.

You can remove then using engine by navigating by drive (not main) collection - select, right click and remove from drive. This will both remove from collection and delete the file

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