Sort Playlist On Prime 4 by Track Number

In Engine Prime 1.3.4 I’m able to add the “Track #” column and give songs a number as well as sort playlist by track numbers. When moving these same playlist to the Prime 4 unit this feature is not available. This would be a great addition as I use both software and hardware on a daily basis during my morning radio show.

Thanks X


When you have your playlist open, just click on the grey field near the green arrow (that is the sorting), there you can choose play order … if that is set, you can also reorder your playlist on prime4, when you are in edit mode.

The feature is implemented, you just have to use it :wink: (Firmware 1.4.1)

Hi @djxtreme - Welcome to the community!

As @DJDark mentioned, this available on the hardware when using Playlists, Crates do not have track numbering so, if you need the numbering use Playlists in Engine Prime instead of Crates.

Hope this answers your question :slight_smile:

Doooopee!! Thank you JWiLL & DJDark for the help!! Much appreciated.