Sort by Missing Songs?

Is there a way to sort my Engine DJ library by missing songs? I manage my music in Serato and use Lexicon to sync to Engine DJ. Lexicon is not removing songs I deleted in Serato. I can do this easily by hand if I could sort by missing songs.

Upload engine to Lexicon

Delete the engine folder database

Use find broken tracks in lexicon

Delete tracks missing

Start Engine , Exit Engine

Download engine library from lexicon

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As usual, thanks a million Mufasa!

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Do you mind sharing your current workflow?

I tested this today

  1. Deleted some files through serato
  2. Upload serato to lexicon
  3. Run “broken tracks” in lexicon
  4. Deleted the missing tracks from lexicon
  5. Synced lexicon to Engine
  6. It will automatically remove all dead links and tracks that are not part of lexicon from engine library

That will work as well

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Are you using lexicon? It’s giving me an issue where all my grids are exported as 120bpm after imported to engine.

Every time I get a solid workflow, something throws it off :slight_smile:

Better addressing that with the Developer

Will do. Thank you!

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