Song Search Screen/Pantalla de búsqueda de canción

Good morning, This is my first post, and I’m new to the forum, so say hello to everyone. My question or suggestion is whether it is possible that when searching for a song, more information about that song will be shown on the screen, as in the Pionner. It would be a good idea that the list of tracks will slide to the left, leaving room to show information about that song, such as comments, the tone that can best come to the song that is playing, audio quality, etc … I hope this post will help or improve. Thank you.

Regards, Sergio Huelamo

Buenos dias, este es mi primer post, y soy nuevo en el foro, asique un saludo a todos. Mi duda o sugerencia es si es posible que al buscar una cancion, se mostrara en la pantalla mas informacion acerca de esa cancion, como pasa en los Pionner. Seria una buena idea que la lista de temas se deslizara a la izquierda, dejando espacio para mostrar informacion acerca de esa cancion, como comentarios, la tonalidad que mejor le puede venir a la cancion que esta sonando, calidad de audio, etc… espero que este post sirva de ayuda o de mejora. Gracias.

Un saludo, Sergio Huelamo


Hold Your finger on the song to view more info.

Thank you for your reply but I think it is not a solution. In the middle of the set I cannot be a song by song by pressing and viewing the information. I think it would have to be faster and more fluid. I repeat. Moving the list of selected songs to the left and displaying the information on the right would be a good solution to see everything the dj needs.

Gracias por tu contestación pero creo que no termina de ser una solución. En mitad del set no puedo estar cancion a cancion pulsando y viendo la informacion. Creo que tendria que ser mas rapido y fluido. Repito. Desplazando la lista de canciones seleccionadas a la izquierda y mostrando la informacion a la derecha seria una buena solucion para ver todo lo que el dj necesita.

Unless denon can program one of the USB ports on the prime to allow a usb > VGA/hdmi module to be plugged in for a giant external monitor to be connected, there’s never going to be all the information that some people want displayed,

The feature of holding your finger on a track name for a second or two, is as good as is practical. And it really is practical

Thanks for your contribution. Do you really think this is so difficult? Attached image.

Gracias por tu aportacion. ¿de verdad crees que es tan dificil esto? Adjunto imagen.

Un saludo.

That’s the same info, or less, than what you get if you briefly hold any track in any search results on the Primes

Right. But you could put that function on. It is simply my suggestion. and with the screen we have there would be much information, and more use …

correcto. pero se podria poner esa funcion. simplemente es mi sugerencia. y con la pantalla que tenemos habria para mucha informacion, y mayor aprovechamiento…

So only bpm and time?

Do we miss that on Prime?

Not only that. I come from Traktor. and I am a dj that I use comments, colors, labels, tone similar to what is being played to differentiate the songs. While in the other systems I see all that in one pass here I have to bother to press the song and waste time. I think it would be nothing negative to do it as I said. I don’t know what problem you have.

No solo eso. Vengo de Traktor. Y soy un dj que utilizo mucho los comentarios, los colores, etiquetas, tonalidad similar a lo que se esta reproduciendo para diferenciar las canciones. Mientras que en los demas sistemas veo todo eso de una pasada aqui me tengo que molestar en pulsar la cancion y perder tiempo. Creo que no seria nada negativo hacerlo como he comentado. No se que problema tienes.

I used to use Traktor but never bothered with extra info. I know all my tracks.

However, I stopped using Pioneer since their CDJ500. You stated “like Pioneer”, but show (me) a picture of basic info. That’s why I asked. I don’t see more info.

Reese, Sergio is talking about more info for tracks (he mentioned what he is using) not copying pioneer (we already have this extended pioneer info - bpm,key,cover). It will be cool to see one panel with tracks + those details or maybe something else? Right now we have half of screen wasted when we play everything from one crate/ playlist. Just my 3 cents. Cheers

I understand the initial request. Press and hold a track gives more, but Sergio wants it in one view.


So Pioneer does NOT have it then? I really don’t know.

Like pioneer - i think he was talking about screen layout not the info on screen.

Ahh that would be it.

Hi everyone. My suggestion is a benefit for everyone. I think that once the song list is selected, it would be easier for it to move to the left to show more information about that song on the right: song quality, comments, stars …

DENON SC5000. Here is the tracklist on the right

CDJ2000nxs2. Here is the tracklist on the left. leaving to the right a lot of information about that song just by scrolling over the songs.

The difference is quite significant. faster and more fluid information when going over the songs.

Denon made a design choice to have faster access to static items on the left. Collection, search, files, streaming etc.

Pioneer seems to have a more forwards-backwards interface.

That being said. There is still room, I guess. The left bar can still stay.

I use lots of crates and I’ve got to say I hate the Pioneer way of doing things, but can understand why someone might want that information to hand, especially if coming from Traktor/Serato.

Thanks yeltsin . I simply propose it as improvement. At the moment one works a lot with computers in which a lot of information of each song appears. I agree, @Reese , that I don’t want to have that decision, I respect it, but it’s my simple opinion. Happy departure and entry of the year to all.

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