Song loading on Player at wrong BPM

So i ran into a weird issue last night in the middle of a gig. I was actively playing a song on my left deck at 92 bpm, when I went to load a different track onto my right deck (which was previously analyzed at 92 bpm by engine prime) it loaded into the deck as a 120 bpm song.

I thought this was weird so I loaded a different 77 bpm track and it loaded onto the deck at the proper bpm. Later on during my set, I encountered the same issue when I was mixing some 105 BPM songs, second song loaded as a 120 bpm track. (as in song plays as if it’s normal recorded tempo was 120, but when i bring it down to its actual bpm, it is slowed and chopped)

For example, Jamie Foxx - Blame It is a 88 bpm song, but loading and playing normally at 120, but other 88 bpm tracks are fine.

Any help?

I’m not sure why its doing this

Have any of the tags got the 120 BPm written in them ?

I double checked a few of the songs that were doing it and that does not seem to be the issue. This has now happened at three separate gigs.

Try these steps

  1. Sort your library by BPM, then Select All tracks in your library (I do this in two batches, firstly for all tracks with BPM less than 115 (0 - 114) and a second batch of tracks with 115bpm and above).

  2. Go to EP Library settings and change the analysis range to 58- 115

  3. Do a first pass with Analyse, when that is complete

  4. Do a second pass with Reanalyse.

This will force Engine Prime to recalculate all the BPM and grid.

Now move on to the 115 and above tracks, change settings to the highest range (98 - 195) of BPM and repeat the steps for those.

Even if some tracks get caught in the wrong BPM range, it will only lead to double/half time values and you can easily change that on the fly on your gear eg 75bpm song showing as 150bpm.

You could also create two Crates for the same purpose

  • Crate A - 0 - 114BPM
  • Crate B - 115 and above

Then sort your library to these crates before analysing with the appropriate BPM range selected

The first analysis will be shorter as EP is only reading the BPM values that the file may contain and not doing any calculations of its own as @Nitebeatz indicated.

The REANALYSIS on the other hand will take longer …so go watch some Netflix

This sounds very similar to the problem I’m having that I posted about just a few days ago. In my case, it’s happening in the actual Engine program on my laptop when I’m organizing and previewing music.

Thankfully, as of now I’ve not encountered it on my Prime 4 or Prime Go.120 BPM seems to be the magic number because there is a post from way back in June of 2019 that mentions this sort of thing occurring on an SC5000. Songs will all switch to 120bpm, and the song I’ve just played will jump up the list and move it’s position to a random spot, but still showing as 120bpm regardless of it’s correct speed.

When I have a few hours to kill, I’ll try out the method @mufasa recommends and see if it corrects the problem.

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fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:t5:

Hopefully it’s not a database issue.

You may need to rebuild (probably not what you want to hear)

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So I’m getting something similar too (using SC6000). The track is showing as 124 bpm when viewing it on the library browser on the device but when it loads onto the deck, its set at 120 bpm. I can see this because the beat grid is out and when I zero/centre the pitch the track bpm reads as 120. Given the track in the library still shows 124 bpm I’m not sure that doing a library re-analyse will fix this. Or will it?

EDIT: I’ve now switched the players off and on again. The tunes I had this problem on are now showing as 120 bpm. I was playing around with SYNC while I was doing my mix - it seems that the tunes where this was used have been corrupted by the engine OS and are now reading as 120 bpm. It’s not a huge problem when playing as I can still beatmathc - but the beat grids are out and thus the effects, loops etc screw up. can it really be true that when loading a track into the deck it can overwrite a previously analysed grid? am I doing something wrong?