Song is not complete


After 15 years I switched from Pioneer/Rekordbox to Denon/Engine.

Last weekend I had my first event with the Prime 4 plus. Unfortunately, I discovered that the last 2 to 5 seconds of 3 songs were missing. Example: Song length in mp3/record box 3:05 in engine then only 3:02.

My hardware and software are up to date. I have already deleted one of the songs from Libiary and added it again and analyzed it. Same result.

Hi, what is the name of the song and where did you source it from? what file type is it?

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When you say “missing”, are you just basing this on the displayed time, or is the actual audio cut short?

As STU-C asks, stating the artist/title of at least one track where you’ve noticed this will help, as others can then check to see what results they get.

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The title is simply “hard” in tone and tone. Like pressing the play/pause button.

It’s currently about the songs: Earth, Wind and Fire - Boogie Wonderland The Doctors - Westerland Pink Panther - Who Turned the Clock?

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Are you sure that part of the audio is missing? It could simply be that you have displayed the dynamic time display.

The dyneamic time display lengthens or shortens the elapsed/remaining time display depending on where your pitchfader is.

In its neutral position at 0%, the track’s time display will be at its real value, but if your pitch is slightly on a positive value, the time display is therefore shortened as the song will be played back faster than the track’s default BPM.