Some sound switch problems, interface errors

Hey! I use the soundswitch along with the Denon Prime 4 for a light show for each music track. It takes a very long time because some functions are either missing or not working correctly.

  1. Intensity copy-paste does not work if it is drawn manually. Copied with errors.
  2. It is not possible to copy the position overlay of moving heads.
  3. You can not add new custom effects. It would be great if autoscripts could be used as building blocks for building a light show for tracks
  4. Selection and dragging, intensity, color, strobe do not work. You cannot group them. soundswitch

I’m honestly hopeful we’re on the verge of a substantial update for soundswitch. We’re about a year from the last one so that would be about right timing wise.

Probably we are. Had some questions how to get different sticks working with one SS library, the support gave me some workarounds (shout-out to the soundswitch support → best support i know) and told me most of my problems will be solved in the next update. These aren´t some small features. Last time i heard something similiar from them we got standalone support on the players :smiley:

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Yup! That’s awesome to hear! I’m honestly hoping for more love for moving heads and better support for them on Control One. And YES! Big shout out to SS support! @SoundSwitch_Support They are awesome and usually respond by the next day and even create lighting profiles pretty quickly for you.