Some songs dont show up when using my soundcloud likes?

Any idea why this might be? I was practicing with some songs on my liked playlist but some songs dont show up there?

Is is a time thing? If you added a like to a song , would that like show up in your prime players a day later? 2 days? A week later? Maybe there is a batch update every x days ?

Not a time thing! Some songs dont show up at all even after a while. I have checked playlists that I had for a while and they dont show up on the prime 2 but the are definitely there when I check the soundcloud website

Hi Folks, apologies for resurrecting an old post but just this week i to have found that some tracks that i have in my SoundCloud playlists wont show up on my playlists when i fire up the P2 and its very frustrating, i can pick a track from my SoundCloud playlist on my laptop and play it no problem but when i want to play the same track from the same playlist on the P2 there is no sign of it ?? any help would greatly appreciated…

Yes I experienced the same thing on my Prime Go

Guys, rather than just saying “some songs” or “some tracks” don’t show, it would be more useful to actually name at least one example so that other people can try and see if they have the same issue.

It could be a copyright issue, where the artist doesn’t allow use of their track for certain things.

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This track is one for me that doesn’t show up:

If anyone knows for sure its a copywrite issue please shout :wink:

Only the owner can know for sure. I know you can select wether you want your track to be played through SC app or only on web, also some regional limits are possible

I just clicked on the link and SoundCloud can’t find it. Says I may be trying to access a private playlist whilst not signed in. I’m signed in.

Even in the URL I notice it’s described as a DJ set, not an individual track.

If I edit the URL down to this Stream Craig Connelly featuring Jessica Lawrence - How Can I by Black Hole Recordings | Listen online for free on SoundCloud then I can access the track (if that’s what you’re trying to play).

@PKtheDJ apologies i just copied the url from a playlist my bad…by any chance did you get to play that particular track on a prime controller through soundcloud ?