Some Questions about Engine Prime

Hey guys,

as I wrote in the topic, I’ve got some questions about Engine Prime:

  1. I’m actually using Serato and I wanted to import my library into Engine Prime. Is there any possibility to sort my crates like I want to? Or is there just the alphabetically way? It’s a quite simple and essential thing for me…

  2. If I export my library onto an external HDD, how do I keep it up to date? In Serato I just added the new track into my “All Music”-Crate and sorted my collection by “last added”. But how do I keep my external drive up to date?

  3. Is there a possibility to edit ID3-tags in Engine itself?

That’s it for now but I think there are way more questions to come.

Hope you guys can help me :wink:

  1. The current way the Serato library support is implemented is about moving your entire collection over once and then sticking with Engine Prime for subsequent library management. I have a large Serato library and I’m primarily a Serato user. The refresh library function in Engine Prime in my case can take a minimum of 8 hours. My Serato library is on a Samsung 860 EVO 4TB SSD in a thunderbolt enclosure, i was using a regular 4TB HDD previously and i thought switching to SSD will make a difference lo and behold i was wrong. Each time i click the refresh Serato library button to import new tracks i may have downloaded engine prime purges the previous Serato sync and starts afresh, building crates, scanning tags, cue info, loops etc. It’s a long, many times I’ve started and stopped it.

Are you planning to stop using Serato completely?

  1. Yes you can do tag editing, but I’m not aware of batch editing e.g. select multiple tracks and change genre. I have only been able to do any tag editing of single tracks

In summary Engine Prime is still in early neophyte stage…super long way to go. Hopefully they keep the updates coming bit more frequently. Plus side is they seem to pack a lot into each updates.