Some issues with Engine OS 2.2.0

These issues have come to light on my Prime 4 running OS 2.2.0

  1. The Cross Fader setting rotary pot no longer seems to change the cross-over. Slow fade to centre now. Was absolutely fine before updating to 2.2.0

  2. Sync Master “button” now displays on screen at all times. It’s switched off in settings.

  3. Setting Active Loops on device doesn’t seem to work when pressing < parameter button and the Loop pad.

  4. WiFi connection is not good. Sometimes doesn’t connect automatically and asks for credentials again. Sometimes connects and then disconnects. Signal strength is showing as low. I have very good WiFi in my house and these issues also occur using a mobile phone hotspot.

Anyone else having these problems?

Updates the OS Engine Dj to version 2.1.2 ! :wink:

I’m actually running OS 2.2.0. My mistake originally.

I read that there were some problems with 2.2.1 so I’m not confident updating from 2.2.0

Are you saying the issues I’m having are fixed in 2.2.1?

Problems have been detected concerning the wifi and 2 other things! You have to stay on 2.1.2 (older version) another patch will be released very soon!

downgrade to 2.1.2