Some Cover Art Not Displaying

About 30% of my library does not show the Album Artwork in Engine Prime or on the players. The artwork displays fine in Rekordbox, Media Player, Serato, Rekord Buddy, and Traktor.

Right clicking and choosing Re-Import Track Information and re-analyzing do not fix the issue.


Figure out the issue. Engine Prime does not support Artwork for files with multiple covers attached. Going through all of these tracks with MP3Tag to fix the artwork is gonna be a pain, but at least this problem is solved.

Muiltiple covers? I didn’t even know that was a thing!

What are you using to add multiple covers?

MP3Tag, for example! :wink:

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I’m not adding them. These tracks were all purchased from Beatport and Juno.

Beatport include multiple images now.

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I think it will be a fair feature request to support this kind of artwork in Engine Prime and OS in the ecosystem and let Engine Prime / Engine OS use the first available artwork for its own use. Might even show more artwork in the press and hold info screen then.

I don’t have encountered it as issue, but you got my like when the request is created!

I have tracks with multiple covers but I never noticed this. I’ll keep an eye out.

I use the awesome Mp3Tag too (there is a Mac beta if anyone is interested).

Although my tag editor supports it, I can’t really think of a scenario where multiple covers would be required.

Another bug in Prime to fixed at some point then.

I use a Mac, and use Yate - I find very good indeed.

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I am having the same issue as well, My collection is huge and way too many covers are not showing

That’s probably because the data isn’t stored in the tag. This is the case when you download songs from YouTube, for example. If you download music from a Software Pool then you have everything complete with artwork. Unfortunately I only have a manual solution and I use the (free) program STAMP ID3 TAG Editor from NCH. When you load the directory with mp3 into this program, you will see the TAG data and you can enter the name of the artist and the title song, as well as add a new cover. You have to download these covers manually with google images and add them. Then save and the cover art is now added forever. You will see it neatly on your display in all Engine DJ versions 1.x and 2.x. Good luck.

Beatport fixed the triple artwork issue a few months back. Which shop did you purchase the tunes with missing artwork from?

bonsoir, j’ai le soucis aussi où les art cover ne s’affichent pas dans Engine DJ ; tous mes achats se font sur Itunes ; acheteur depuis presque dix ans sur Itunes, ce problème n’existait pas du temps où Itunes n’était pas fusionné avec Apple Music. Quelqu’un a-t-il une solution ? J’ai formaté mon macbook air M1 pensant que j’avais un problème de session ; mais rien n’y fait… je suis désespéré… help !!!